A day "with the smugglers"

Tirano (SO) 


1 day (27th June 2010)


History of smuggling has defined the life of peoples living on the border areas for many decades; in Valtellina between Tirano (ITA) and Valposchiavo (CH) anecdotes linked to such illicit practice – yet caused by need and poverty - are countless. In order to get to know this world better – it’s not too far in people’s memory – on June 24th Tirano will enliven a leg of Via Alpina or – better – those “Smugglers’ paths” which link Italy and Switzerland. An unusual day out: a path practicable in a couple of hours will take visitors to discover situations and characters linked to smuggling along the way, in vineyards, woods and small hamlets. They will see the “bricolle” (smugglers’ sacks) being prepared, coffee being hidden and toasted, “caravans” which had to cross the border being organized, but also the Revenue Guards’ checkpoints, and much more. A really different day out, a mixture of easy hike and road show, embellished by the flavours of typical Tirano dishes, such as Chiscioi (buckwheat and cheese pancakes).


VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8FETBCDK0Q

27th June 2010 at 9,30 a.m.: meeting in Tirano (SO), piazza della Stazione (Ferrovia Retica, Trenitalia) then guided hike along the smugglers’ trails from Tirano to the hamlets of Roncaiola and Baruffini, along the way one will meet characters and situations linked to smuggling. In Baruffini Chisciöi tasting(typical Tirano dish) by the “Confraternita del Chisciöl di Tirano” (Tirano’s Chisciöl Brotherhood). In the afternoon guided tour to Tirano’s old town centre, nominee to be part of Unesco World Heritage Sites.
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