Hike suggestions

Not everyone can or wishes to hike for the whole summer. The Via Alpina always aimed at being not only a (very) long-distance trail, but also a portal to each of the Alpine massifs. In order to help you choose your destination according to duration, difficulty and your wishes, we propose you a series of 3- to 7-day hikes in various areas of the Alps, often on the borders.

You will find in this section all the information necessary to choose and organise your trip independently. The routes mostly follow the Via Alpina, but sometimes stray from it to allow you to discover other jewels of the Alpine natural or cultural heritage. The start and end points have been selected for their good accessibility by public transport.

For now we suggest you two hikes each linking three countries: Italy, France and Monaco for the first and Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland for the second; also three hikes in the French Alps, one of which crossing over to Italy; and one at the heart of the central Alps in Switzerland. This list will progressively get longer.