Via Alpina Travel Fellowships




Between 2011 and 2013, 9 Travel Fellowships of 1000 euros each, funded by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention and the Via Alpina secretariat of the Principality of Monaco, were awarded by the Via Alpina to projects promoting hiking in stages and the “Spirit of Via Alpina”: meeting people and cultures in the Alps, discovering Alpine nature on foot, linking between the various countries, sustainable development and soft tourism – a concrete implementation of the Alpine Convention, the international treaty for the sustainable development of the Alps signed in 1991. These projects give a personal view on the Via Alpina, cross-border hiking (or other non-motorised travel) and the issues important to the sustainable development of the Alps.

Due to operational constraints within the Via Alpina international secretariat, unfortunately we won’t be able to launch a new competition for the year 2014. But we do expect to continue our support to individual initiatives, by this mean or another, in the following years!

For now, please contact us if you have a project, we may be able to grant you the organization’s moral support which could be useful in a search for sponsors.