Project presentation


Via Alpina, right through the Alps… 



At the outset the area was immense and the project a truly ambitious one: to help discover a unique region of 200,000 square kilometres of peaks and valleys, of high mountain pastures and forests, of large villages and hamlets by creating THE definitive trail for hiking and the discovery of the entire Alpine space. 










Since 2002 the Via Alpina has been winding from Trieste (Italy) to Monaco, from the Adriatic sea to the Mediterranean, its 5000 kilometres of walking tracks marked out into 5 trails through eight European countries: Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France and the Principality of Monaco.


    It gives you an exceptional invitation to discover, on foot, through some of the most fabulous mountain landscapes, the history, culture and the way of life in the Alpine mountain communities.